8 May 2024

The Best Dental Implant

The Best Dental Implant

Choosing the Best Dental Implants: A Guide to Zero Bone Loss Concepts

Dental implants are a popular solution for replacing missing teeth. When choosing an implant, understanding which ones last longest is crucial. Here's a guide to help you make an informed decision.

A dental implant that loses any bone will eventually fall out. We utilise zero bone loss techniques to give the best chance of long term success. Every stage is important in having the best dental implant and a cheap implant will not address these issues.

 Zero Bone Loss Strategies

To preserve jawbone health, zero bone loss techniques are crucial and this is a big focus at Seapoint Clinic.

- Platform Switching: Uses a special narrow attachment between the implamt and crown to allow less bacteria infection.

- Conical Connection: This design reduces micro-movements which pump bacteria into the gum and bone whcih helps protect the bone around the implant.  Most implants do not have this special design which leads to more failure.

- Tissue-Level Implants: These maintain a healthy distance between the bone interface and soft tissue, preserving both.

- Regular Monitoring: Seeing your dentist and hygienist regularly extends the longevity of the implant with routine care and maintenance.

Making the Right Choice

The best implant depends on bone density, tooth location, aesthetics, and material sensitivities. Consulting with an implant dental specialist is essential for long-term health and cosmetic outcomes. 

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