29 January 2020

Dental Wellness and You

Everyone is talking about wellness in 2020 and with good reason. More and more of us are becoming aware of the links between what we put into our bodies and what happens to our body over time.

You might be wondering what a dentist is doing talking about wellness but the Digestive Tract starts with the mouth. It’s almost impossible to maintain a healthy diet if you haven’t got healthy teeth! It's a simple fact!

There are more and more studies coming to light, which show how maintaining healthy gut bacteria can affect general health as well as mental health. What may sound like science fiction is now becoming more main stream as we learn more about the human body everyday.

According to “Science Focus” one of the best ways to have healthy gut bacteria is to eat more fibre rich foods. This can be done by adjusting your daily food intake to ensure lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and pulses are consumed.

The Digestive Process

The digestive process starts with the teeth adequately chewing food into digestible parts. If you lack certain teeth, typically your diet changes to eating softer foods, which are easier to chew. And guess what happens then? Those softer food alternatives are usually highly processed and laced with sugar, which means they can do terrible damage to your teeth, body and overall health. These foods are also typically low in fibre which is essential to maintaining a healthy gut.

We see a lot of patients on a daily basis who are missing teeth and are prematurely ageing because they are no longer absorbing the essential nutrients needed. We also see advanced ageing from bone loss in the jaw where the natural teeth used to be.

Fortunately, as dentists, we can often offer a solution to this which can involve using dental implants or porcelain bridges. If you are missing either a single tooth or many teeth, take some time to consider what effect it could be having on your overall health in the long-term.

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