Travelling from Derry for Dental Implants

Traveling from Derry for dental implants is easy and convenient.

The most important thing when choosing your dental implant clinic, is their experience and their results. Many dentists in Derry only place implants occasionally or not at all. This is because they are carrying out fillings and cleanings most of the time.

You benefit from a skilled team who have placed thousands of dental implants before you and is regularly featured on TV & radio so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Many patients travel to us from Derry as it is such a short journey on the M8/M7. Check out our reviews page to hear from some happy patients who found the experience worthwhile. As a “One Stop Shop” you benefit from not being sent between several different practices as often happens in Derry. By being seen in one place the cost is often less and the quality of the experience is high. We have lectured in Derry several times about dental implants.

It takes just under two hours on average to get to the clinic from Derry with the M8/M7. If you are travelling by train we are just across the road from the Seapoint DART Station and there is plenty of parking around the clinic.

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