Can I get rid of gum disease?

The clear majority of dental diseases can be prevented or eliminated by correct dental hygiene and diet. This means you are generally in control of how many cavities you will have, if you will suffer from gum disease and if you will lose your teeth.

The most common cause of tooth loss in adults is gum disease. This occurs when plaque accumulates around the gum line of teeth and over time the bone and gums recede. Even a small amount of plaque over time will potentially lead to early tooth loss. Some people are more genetically likely to suffer from gum disease but poor oral hygiene and smoking are the two biggest causes which can be easily eliminated.

If you do suffer from any form of gum disease seeing the dental hygienist every 3-6 months is an important part of keeping your teeth long term. Studies show that people who visit the hygienist are much less likely to lose their teeth than those that don’t.

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