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It's hugely changed my confidence. I can't even put into words the difference it's made. My confidence has just grown and grown.

Helen Butler, Cashel, Co. Tipperary

Dental Implants

Helen Butler won our 2016 Smile Makeover Competition after she entered on Facebook. Watch her remarkable journey, as she received a wonderful experience and a beautiful, natural smile.

It was a very pleasant experience all round and the entire staff were very helpful!

Maura Brann, Scariff, Co. Clare

Dental Implants

Maura attended the Seapoint Clinic to improve both her overall smile and restore her confidence. Following a consultation with Dr. David Bell, Maura opted for dental implants and is finally able to smile in comfort again!

The clinic made me feel so comfortable and explained everything to me. It all went so well and I couldn't recommend them enough.

Alan O Dwyer, Cellbridge, Co. Kildare

Dental Implants

Alan came to the clinic looking to replace a missing tooth that had bothered him for years. After meeting with Dr David Bell, he opted for a dental implant to close in the gap in his smile and he's never looked back.

I had dentures for 45 years and they were rattling around my mouth.

Ben Jones, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin

Dental Implants

Ben had suffered from loose and uncomfortable dentures for nearly 50 years before he decided to do something about it. After coming to Seapoint Clinic for a consultation, he decided to get rid of his loose dentures once and for all with the help of dental implant treatment.

Nowadays when I walk into a room, I walk in smiling. I'm not afraid to smile anymore.

Caroline Duffy, Tipperary

Dental Implants

Caroline won our €20,000 Smile Makeover Competition in 2017. She was always too embarrassed to smile in front of anyone and her teeth majorly effected her confidence. After having beautiful hand-crafted veneers fitted by Dr Flannery and dental implant treatment carried out by Dr Smit, Caroline is like a new woman. Her confidence is on the rise and we couldn't be happier for her.

I'm really happy with the service and quality of service I received, and I'm very happy in myself now.

Michael Flood, Dublin

Dental Implants

Michael had grown increasingly self-conscious about his teeth, until a friend recommended Dr. Gerry Smit of Seapoint Clinic. Now Michael can once again smile with renewed confidence and comfort.

Treatment from start to finish was absolutely superb and very professional, I can't recommend them highly enough

Ciara Murphy, Dublin

Dental Implants

Ciara had grown self-conscious of her teeth, but thanks to Dr. David Bell, Ciara can once again smile with confidence.

It's not like being in a dentist. You're very relaxed and very comfortable.

Linda Ratican, Dublin

Dental Implants

Linda was highly impressed with the care she received from Dr Gerry Smit and the rest of the team at Seapoint Clinic.

I can't stop smiling and I have a lot more confidence [...] it's a walk in the park really and the end results speak for themselves

Colin Gillick, Co. Wicklow

Dental Implants

Colin had suffered with his oral health for a number of years before coming to Seapoint Clinic. By meeting Dr. David Bell, Colin can now smile once again thanks to dental implants at Seapoint Clinic!

"I couldn't believe how problem free the whole thing was from start to finish"

Chris O’Loughlin, Dublin

Dental Implants

Chris tied the knot back in June and was able to smile with confidence in all of his wedding photos thanks to Dr David Bell.