Seapoint Clinic: Negligence in Dentistry & Medicine

Seapoint Clinic Negligence: Medical & dental negligence is increasing year on year in Ireland at a time when medical and dental procedures as well as cosmetic dentistry (e.g. teeth whitening) being conducted both in Ireland, Northern Ireland and eastern European countries such as Hungary. Dentists are legally recognised as medical practitioners under the Medical Practitioners Act of 2007 and as such have obligations to conduct dental procedures to a high standard. However, if you have been injured or your appearance has been adversely affected because of dental malpractice, you can bring an action for compensation against the dentist in question.

Like any medical malpractice cases, these are not necessarily straightforward when professional liability is not admitted by the dentist or clinic in question. Which is why a reputable personal injury solicitor will ensure that everything is processed properly thus alleviating the stresses and costs that you might otherwise incur.

There a couple of basic types of claim you can make a claim against a dentist;

  • Clinical Negligence – This broadly covers the category where a dentist or clinic fails to provide the necessary treatment that you require, usually by failing to diagnose the problem during an examination or misdiagnosing your ailment e.g. not correctly diagnosing a mouth ulcer condition as oral cancer.
  • Dental Malpractice – Although related to negligence, this would typically encompass situations where either inappropriate treatment was carried out or, in common parlance, it was a botched job resulting in pain, injury, a negative impact on your appearance and/or unnecessary loss of teeth or dental function.

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