12 September 2023

Aideen’s WOW moment - Tooth Whitening Journey

Aideen’s WOW moment - Tooth Whitening Journey

Aideen’s WOW moment - Her Tooth whitening transformation

I had always been a bit self-conscious about my smile. I'd grown up with teeth that were less than pearly white, and it bothered me more and more thought about it. While my friends seemed to not be too concerned with smiling in every social post, I found myself hiding mine, a bit shy in photographs and basically avoiding drawing attention to my smile.

One day, flicking on Instagram, I stumbled upon the Seapoint Clinic's revolutionary tooth-whitening procedure. The clinic was well-known for its experience in cosmetic dentistry, and its before-and-after photos were pretty astonishing. I couldn't resist the temptation to look into it further.

After scheduling a consultation, I walked into the Seapoint Clinic, fairly nervous to be fair. The dentist and nurse greeted me with a warm smile, putting me at ease instantly. They handed me some forms to fill out and assured me that I was in good hands.

They explained the tooth-whitening procedure in detail, assuring me it was safe and effective. I was thrilled to learn that it could be done in a single visit, and that the results could last for a long time.

We got started straight away. As I settled into the plush dental chair, the team explained each step of the process. They made sure I was comfortable and relaxed before beginning.

The procedure itself was surprisingly quick and entirely comfortable. They applied a special whitening gel to my teeth and activated it with a gentle light. I reclined in the chair, excited to see my new smile.

They really went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable too. They played my favourite music, there were candles, I didn't even feel like I was at the dentist.

When the treatment was complete and I was handed the mirror I actually couldn't believe it. My teeth had gone from a kinda yellowish shade to a dazzling white. I couldn't stop smiling.

Leaving the clinic that day, I was weird, I just couldn't help smiling. I got so many compliments too. I felt like a completely different person.

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