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“Instead of having difficulty coming to the dentist, I actually bounce in now with no problems whatsoever…It’s been a wonderful experience at Seapoint”

Anne, Dublin

Dental Implants

Anne dreaded dental appointments before she came to Seapoint. Her first visit with Dr. Ed O’Flaherty changed that. Anne is delighted she joined us and she now looks forward to her visits with us!

"The team here a very discrete and it doesn’t even feel like a dental clinic. I’m thrilled with the results and I’d recommend it to all my friends and family."

Andy George, Dublin

6 Month Braces

With his wedding day getting closer, Andy came to Seapoint Clinic because he wanted to smile at his bride with confidence. He didn’t like the fact that his teeth weren’t straight. Luckily, in just a few months, we were able to give him a smile he could proudly show off in his wedding photos.

“Altona, Rachel and Katie are just wonderful! They gave me confidence-galore to have anything done.”

Brenda, Dublin

Veneers and Crowns

Brenda was delighted to have her new smile with the placement of her new crowns and veneers. After only a few appointments with Dr. Altona Myers, Brenda’s smile and confidence have been restored.

"I couldn’t believe how quickly my teeth moved, the time just flew by. I just wish I done this sooner."

Sorcha, Dublin

6 Month Braces

Sorcha hated her crooked teeth and was desperate for a solution. She opted for 6 month clear braces with Dr. Altona Myers and in no time had a beautiful straight smile that she loved showing off.

“The results are fantastic. It’s a lifetime investment in yourself”

Martina, Dublin

Veneers and Crowns

Martina was tired of wasting money on dentistry and getting no where. After trying on a custom Digital Smile Design, she decided to go ahead with Dr. Gerry Smit’s plan to realise the design in high quality crowns and veneers.

"I absolutely love the place. I can’t stop smiling. I’d seriously recommend it to everyone."

Paul Clarges, Dublin

Dental Implants

Before coming to Seapoint Clinic, Paul knew the state of his teeth could be improved. After finding out what was on offer at our clinic, he is now delighted with the work he’s had done with us over the years.

"My lower teeth are straight again which makes me feel very confident- I’m very happy with it."

Robert, Dublin

6 Month Braces

Robert was surprised at how quick and pleasant his treatment was with Dr Sarah Flannery. After less than six months with braces, his teeth and confidence have been restored. We are as delighted as Robert is with his results.

"I’ve had a number of implants placed and it’s changed the way I look at my teeth. If you are considering doing something similar, I would highly recommend it and say go for it."

Pat O Brien, Dublin

Dental Implants

Pat has been coming to Seapoint Clinic for several years. His initially came for dental implants after losing a couple of teeth and we were able to restore Pat’s natural smile. He used to avoid the dentist, but we regularly see him for check-ups and hygiene, along with the occasional tooth whitening.

"All the staff were just lovely and I was treated so well throughout my whole experience. By the end I didn’t even need any sedation."

Eveline Mc Cabe, Meath

Dental Implants

Eveline came to us because she hated absolutely hated wearing her denture. Dr Clodagh Myers did such a good job on her upper jaw that she came back and had the lowers fixed too.

"It’s a long time since I suffered pain at the hands of dentists – they are a totally different breed now, thank goodness."

Hilda Smith, Dublin

Dental Implants

Hilda was terrified of the dentist, remembering with horror the pain inflicted on her at an early age. As a result she has admitted that she should’ve taken much better care of her teeth.