Negligence in Dentistry

A damning report from the Dental Complaints Resolution Service has highlighted the dangers of what it calls "DIY Dentistry". The report states that the DCRS received ten complaints from people last year who bought cheap braces or teeth whitening kits online. Michael Kilcoyne, the facilitator for the DCRS, said he could not deal with these complaints as those selling the products are not registered dentists and therefore cannot be pursued. 

A voluntary service, the DCRS offers independent and free mediator service to patients who have have complaints about their registered dentist. In what was its fifth annual report, the DCRS said it received over 100 complaints last year - down 30 from the previous year.

The main issues raised related to fees, clinical issues and communication failures, resolving over half the issues raised. Chief Executive of the Irish Dental Association Fintan Hourihan said: "2016 has perhaps been the most successful yet for the DCRS with the settlement rate rising while the overall number of complaints has fallen."

The report highlights the significance in properly researching the ideal dental practice for you. At Seapoint Clinic, there are no half-measures or cost-cutting. We firmly believe in providing the very best dental care in Ireland. That's why over the past 10 years, we've worked hard to build Seapoint Clinic's reputation for patient care - and that dedication doesn't stop at just your teeth. Instead, our team can cater to the individual needs of a patient, supporting them from decision making and emotional support from start to finish.

Whether it's simply getting over your fear of the dentist, fixing a gap in your teeth or a complete smile makeover, our loyal team of treatment coordinators and customer service executives are dedicated to bringing you a quality of experienced dentistry which is becoming increasingly popular, with over 1,200 patients seen monthly.

The high court is best avoided and we aim to do that by being as upfront with our patients as possible. We try to make everyone as aware as possible of the benefits and the risks of treatments undertaken.

Our team of technicians are all Irish, UK or American trained, with the vast majority qualifying from Trinity College, Dublin. Furthermore, our team are constantly being sent overseas to the US,Germany and UK to receive further training - meaning only the highest quality of dental work is provided at Seapoint Clinic